Chemicals used in beekeeping

Pesticide strips being placed into a hive to treat for mites.
ClassificationBrand NameActive IngredientHazard(s)1
PesticideGardstar, Permethrin SFRpermethrin
PesticidePT 565 Plus XLOpyrethrin with piperonyl butoxide and N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide
AntibioticFumagilin B, Fumadil B*bicyclohexyl-ammonium fumagillin
AntibioticTerramycin, Terra Pro, Tetra Beeoxytetracycline
Acid*Mite-a-Way (aka MAQS), carboxylic acidformic acid
Acid*Api Bioxaloxalic acid
Acid*HopGuard IIpotassium salt with hop beta acidUnknown; need more information
Oil*Apiguard, Thymovarthymol
Oil*Apilife Varthymol, eucalyptol, menthol, camphor
OilBeetle Blaster Oilsoybean oil plus numerous additivesUnknown; need more information
*Chemicals promoted by Texas Apiary Inspection Service and the Honey Bee Health Coalition as of September 3, 2020; 1Chemical hazards for each active ingredient, listed in the PubChem database.