I bought some of your honey at the farmers market in New Braunfels. I bought it to see if it would help my cedar allergy and it really has made a huge difference. I have never felt this good in early January. Usually I am really sick by this time and I’m feeling really good…It is a game changer for me.


I’ve never liked honey before having Dunsmore Honey. I always thought I just didn’t enjoy the taste. Then I had Amy’s and Jason’s honey and it was a totally different taste than other honeys. It’s smooth, sweet, and has no chemical taste at all! It’s a different product all together because they care enough to not use any chemicals. My family and I love it!

Jessica B.

I started my 4 year old son on their product in an effort to keep him off Allergy medications. He’s had to take both prescription and over the counter meds since moving to Texas last summer. In a-little over 6 weeks since taking a spoonful of raw honey a day he’s been symptom free/pharmaceutical free…

I can’t say enough about the product, benefits and customer service.

I called this last time as I was running low and was met in a parking lot with a car full of honey!!! Can’t go without!

Jennifer T.

This is my favorite honey! Not only is it local and family run, but it also has a great taste. It’s unlike other honey I have tried – it’s rich, but not overpowering. Just a small amount really adds flavor to my tea (and yogurt, and salads!) My family really enjoys the honeycomb, and a little bit goes a long way. The Dunsmore’s run this as a family business, and they keep their kids involved. We always look forward to our trips to the farmer’s market to get more.

Suzanne M.

This local Texas business has excellent customer service. They went above and beyond to make it easy for me to purchase. I have placed an order and am looking forward to enjoying their honey and natural products they have available online. Thank you.

Karen G.

I absolutely love Dunsmore Honey! My favorite is the comb honey. It’s so rich, with a slightly floral note, and perfect with so many things. I especially love that it is truly “local” honey – just down the road. I recently discovered the honey mustard (made with whole grain mustard!). It’s delicious! I highly recommend Dunsmore Honey, and supporting this wonderful family.

Rebecca C.

I heard about the benefits of consuming local honey this summer and became more interested in how it would affect my health. I have struggled with seasonal allergies for all my life, and when we moved to New Braunfels about 2 years ago, the cedar season hit me like nothing I have ever experienced before. Last year was particularly awful. I was miserable for weeks, even with my antihistamine/decongestant.

I have been eating the l Dunsmore’s honey for just over 2 months and I have not needed so much medication to control my allergies.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming cedar season to see how i feel. THAT will be the true test!

Thanks, Dunsmore family!

Catherine M.

One of our little cousins was not well, low grade fever, refused water, juice, all that we offered her. THEN, I offered her some of your honey, she took it, and that was the beginning of her body being able to set itself right. She was able to stay and enjoy the rest of the weekends. Fever was gone the next day, she started eating… We prayed over her first. That is also part of the story.

Brenda P., RN

The best tasting honey!!

You know it’s gotta be good when your daughter requests only honey comb from the Dunsmore farm for her birthday

Geena C.

Natural honey from small beekeepers who do their work with love is always good

Uwe T.

I have tried a variety of different brands of honey, but Dunsmore is the best honey I have ever tasted. The flavor is mild, yet requires a small amount to sweeten a cup of tea. I also like the natural approach to sustainability with their farming.

…This honey has such a lovely flavor, it doesn’t taste cloyingly sweet, yet very little is needed to sweeten a cuppa, and I like my tea sweet!

…the creamed honey is scrumptious!!

A. Kraba

Love it!! Best honey 🍯
Some sweet and pure honey and biscuits this am We also enjoyed the soap too it makes hands soft and not dried out

Renee S.

Great tasting, natural honey and I love the lip balm!

Tanya U.

I really like your honey!…The honeycomb is fun eating! Kinda like old fashioned candy…And the salve is lovely, also. Very nice products all around

Charlsie H.

Best honey I have ever tasted! Thank you guys! We love it!

Chris M.

Awesome customer service, and superb quality of products!!

Leslie D.